OKBET Making Slots More Secure Is A Top Priority

OKBET Making Slots More Secure Is A Top Priority

Rob Procter, VP of Game Production at Light & Wonder, discusses how developments in safer gambling policy and best practice have impacted the company’s slot development process.

Every player in the gaming industry has an interest in keeping gamers secure.

While this issue is prominent in the regulatory and advertising standards of markets worldwide, European Safer Gambling Week serves to put it into particularly sharp focus. Light & Wonder believes that the continued global success of our sector depends on our ability to create safe, environmentally friendly playgrounds.

We consider e-gaming to be a solid component of the entertainment industry as a whole. For responsible gambling to flourish here, players must feel safe and satisfied with their financial investment.

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Protecting players involves more than just following the rules to the letter. Light & Wonder thinks that player protection should be built into every aspect of their content strategy. All of the members of our creative teams are constantly aware of how the games’ new features and mechanics will affect the player’s experience, both in terms of increasing their enjoyment and shielding them from any potential harm.


There has been a dramatic shift in recent years toward a greater public understanding of the importance of player safety measures. The Gambling Commission of Great Britain forbade direct purchases into bonus rounds a few years ago, prompting a shift in strategy on the part of game providers. We’ve been devoting a lot of resources to making sure that slot players in every regulated market can have a great time without needing to make large bets or play for a long time in order to unlock bonus rounds and other special features. We don’t want players to feel like they have to put in a certain amount of money or play through a certain number of spins before a slot’s full potential is unlocked. The distribution of return-to-player percentages (RTP) and the way slot mechanics interact with the main game are two examples of how a designer might demonstrate an ethical, equitable approach to game design.

Our goal is to make playing at our site enjoyable for players of all bankroll sizes, and to prove that everyone can win the biggest bonuses. All players should be able to enjoy a game’s appealing elements, not just the ones who are willing to invest more time and money into their wager.

On every platform

Land-based gaming has various kinds of restrictions than the Internet does, and these restrictions can be different in different countries or even different cities. When creating an omni-channel game, we use the same guidelines we do for our native digital releases to guarantee that our material will improve the gameplay experience without endangering the player.

My colleagues on the Light & Wonder land-based creative teams share my and the iGaming team’s view that online gaming is safer. By observing how the land-based teams have implemented RTP splits and feature and mechanical updates, we can then apply those learnings to the online sphere, which is a win-win for both.


As a matter of course, it is crucial for businesses to uphold their social responsibility promises and maintain the utmost compliance with authorities. In our opinion, however, suppliers also have a responsibility to do their role in ensuring the safety of players by offering operators with engaging material that is accessible across a variety of betting limits.

We also maintain an active presence in industry working groups, where we help shape standards for ethical game creation. This is vitally essential to us, and we welcome further participation from the gaming community.

More stringent regulations appear to be the inevitable trend in developed markets. However, smart content creators have a chance to make games with novel mathematical models and intriguing mechanics by coming up with fresh solutions that can accommodate shifting regulations.

All parties involved in our industry have a responsibility to do their part in ensuring that players are both safe and amused.

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