OKBET Upgrades 250,000 Slots with Cashless Gaming Technology

OKBET Upgrades 250,000 Slots with Cashless Gaming Technology

OKBET Slots Payments made the announcement today that they will be investing up to $300 million to implement cashless gaming at slot machines across the Philippines. Within a period of three years, the purpose of Project 250 is to install equipment that allows for digital payments at 250,000 slot machines around the country.

“Our ability to give operators with a scalable solution to offer cashless gaming that is straightforward to implement is something that we take great satisfaction in,”

Project 250 will make it possible for casino operators to upgrade their existing slot machines using Acres’ FoundationTM, allowing them to provide cashless options to their customers in as little as 16 weeks.

OKBET Slots’s Mobile+ ecosystem allows for a seamless integration with the operator’s entire casino resort and loyalty program. Additionally, OKBET Slots’s Play+ digital payments solution rounds out the cashless experience and is currently live with all four of the major casino management systems in the Philippines.

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It is essential to have a technological infrastructure foundation layer in place if one want to see widespread customer adoption of any new payment innovations. To this day, only ten of the 44 states that have casinos and make gambling available to customers have made cashless payment options available.

The use of antiquated technology that requires expensive upgrades is a big barrier that must be overcome before more casinos will adopt cashless payment systems. This kind of experience was experienced in relation to the implementation of the EMV chip and contactless technology at point-of-sale devices in retail stores all over the country.

Customers immediately recognized the benefits of these gadgets in terms of both speed and safety after merchants made investments in new technology.

OKBET Slots will hasten the transition toward cashless gaming by investing in infrastructure upgrades for its casino partners. This will give millions of gaming customers the chance to leverage the safety and security of digital payments at casinos around the country.

According to Omer Sattar, Co-CEO of OKBET Slots, “the hardware and accompanying capital expenditures are often the hurdle that stands in the way of the large-scale adoption of cashless payments for gaming operators.” This investment by OKBET Slots, which resulted in the establishment of Project 250, will have a significant and lasting impact on the gaming scene for decades to come.

This investment will propel the entire industry towards the peak of the adoption inflection curve, which is frequently crucial for widespread consumer adoption, especially in the area of payments. Ubiquity of availability is often a critical factor in widespread consumer adoption.

Noah Acres, who works at Acres Manufacturing Company, said that his company takes great pride in its ability to supply operators with a scalable option to offer cashless gaming that is simple to put into action. “Optimizing client connections and driving greater profitability are two of the primary goals that cashless gaming may help achieve for casino owners of all sizes,” says one expert.

During the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), which will take place from October 11-13 at the Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, OKBET Slots will have representatives accessible to answer questions regarding Project 250 at the OKBET Slots Payments Booth 4433.

Concerning OKBET Slots Payments

OKBET Slots Payments is the most successful digital payments provider and mobile app developer in the casino gambling and sports betting markets in the Philippines. OKBET Slots makes use of cutting-edge technology to implement contemporary solutions within an industry that has traditionally relied on cash transactions and is expected to reach more than $150 billion in the next years.

Consumers have a method that is safe, secure, and responsible for funding their online and in-person gaming activities thanks to the suite of mobile solutions offered by OKBET Slots. These solutions also enable casinos to offer cashless wagering and personalized loyalty options throughout the entire property.

With more than 1.5 million Play+ accounts, 3 million mobile loyalty platform downloads, and more than 80 partners across the sports betting, lottery, racing, and online and brick-and-mortar casino markets, OKBET Slots is in a position to transform the traditional gaming landscape in a way that is unmatched by any other company. Visit OKBET.com to gather additional information.

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